Gaia Village Environmental Project



Gaia Village is a project of private character with focus on sustainability, which develops from pristine area of the municipality of Garopaba-SC. Wishes to set up an example of friendly environment for the interaction between mankind and the whole - the Living System Gaia.
Were of Professor Jose Lutzenberger, in 1997, the first design formulations for this project which aims to propose, planning, implementing and demonstrate solutions environmentally responsible, toward a sustainable development.

Achieved physically in the ownership of the family Werlang and its company, G. A. Werlang - Management and Environment Ltda, located near to the beach of Ouvidor, beach of Barra and Garopaba Lagoon, municipality of Garopaba, southern Santa Catarina state, is structured from the conception of personal life of Carmen and Gastao Avelino Werlang, who already in the early 60s promoted actions aimed to environmental preservation.

The project with ongoing initiatives at its headquarters and next to the various communities in the municipality of Garopaba expands by the construction and consolidation of networks and partnerships with individuals, communities, nongovernmental organizations and government agencies.

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Address: Rod SC 434 Km 9,2 Garopaba/SC        Phone: 48 3354-0002         E.mail :