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One of the highlights of the program is Professor José Lutzenberger Shows - School Friend of the Environment, organized in partnership with the Gaia Foundation and the Municipality of Garopaba since 2002. The Exhibition is a tool that effectives the transversality of teaching and deposits ethical values, helping to build citizenship of students, teachers, parents and the community at large.

The Program operates throughout the year with workshops and activities organized in schools and at the headquarters of Gaia Village. With the guidance of advisors, students and teachers define an action in the environmental area that meets the demands of reality in which they live. Perform collective actions from the discussion and experience.
The contact of the schools with the wider community, both in partnerships and in developing the work complements the educational process where all are simultaneously teachers and students and are committed to ensuring a better quality of life and environmental balance. The program also includes guided visits to project GV.
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